Saturday, September 8, 2012

Episode 19 - First Symptoms

Robert Flynt - Compound Fracture
Luc Ferrari: Société II, et si le piano était un corps de femme for piano, 3 percussions and 16 instruments (1967) [27.13] - Mauricio Kagel: Match Fur 3 Spieler (1964) [26.08] - Gyorgy Ligeti: Atmosphères for full orchestra (1960-1) [8.49] - Edgar Varèse: Hyperprism for small orchestra and percussion (1923) [4.34] - Luciano Berio: Différences for 5 instruments and magnetic tape (1959) [14.56] - Henry Pousseur: Mobile for 2 pianos (1957-58) [10.09]

This podcast episode is dedicated to all the photographers who worked in defining a new relationship between structures and aural qualities of sound/image as many post-serialist composers.

To listen to the podcast, go to Podomatic and search for 'completecommunion'. To send me material to be featured on the podcast, email me at galasi.g [at], or gianpaolo.galasi [at]

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