Sunday, June 3, 2012

Podcast Episode 5 - Little Red Riding (Child)hood Hit The Road [*feat. François Cambuzat]

L’Enfance Rouge & Eugene Robinson: Bleed a Little (2012) [6.20]
*Costas Dousas The Trawler From “Café Rembetika – The Birth of the Greek Blues” (2000) [4.04]
*Bästard: 200 Miles From Hanoi from “Radiant, Discharged, Crossed Off” (1996) [4.25]
*Keiji Haino: Untitled from “Tenshi No Gijnka” (1995) [4.23]
*Miguel Angel Costas: Mi llanto (Solea) from “Bordòn De Trapo” (2006) [3.15] -
*Einstürzende Neubauten: Sehnsucht (Zitternd) from the movie “1/2 Mensch” (1985) [2.55]
*Olivier Messiaen: Meditations sur le mistère de la Sainte Trinité (1969) [8.28]
*Derek Bailey: Stella By Starlight from “Ballads” (2002) [7.22]
L’Enfance Rouge: Petite Mort from “Trapani - Halq Al Waady” (2008) [8.46]
Iannis Xenakis, Nomos Alpha (1965) Pierre Strauch cello [12.40]
Dälek: Eyes to Form Shadows from “Absence” (2004) [6.30]
Ennio Morricone: Astrazione con Ritmo from “Il Serpente” (1973) soundtrack [4.19] 
Living Colour: Wall from “Stain” (1993) [5.24]

The music in this episode marked with (*) is kindly provided by François Régis Cambuzat of L’Enfance Rouge, who gave me the records from which I selected the tracks. While waiting for his new album with L’Enfance Rouge and Lofti Buchnak, I hope to invite more artists as guest podcasters in the near future. I took his photos here during a concert near Milan (Italy) last summer.

François Régis Cambuzat biography from French, born in Viet Nam, from pieds-noirs parents. Since birth, François R. Cambuzat has never lived more than four years in the same place. Saïgon, Paris, London, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tunis, etc.
His touring life has led him from Vilna to Cadiz, as from Tbilisi to Athens and further. He has been invited to many great festivals such as Documenta in Kassel, and so, geographically as well as artistically, François R. Cambuzat has explored many music genres from punk to contemporary classical music, from jazz to maghreb's music, as his discography testifies.
He has created major projects as famous as the Kim Squad, Il Gran Teatro Amaro and L'Enfance Rouge.
François' repertoire is to be seen literally as a secret garden. A part of his favourite melodies. Arie and chants from early Birthday Party to Claude Debussy, songs from peculiar areas & quarters of Tunis until the '900 Paris of Jacques Ibert or the Spain of Buenaventura Durutti and Garcia Lorca, maybe his most intimate soul, maybe his darkest soul and paradoxally his more sunny side.

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