Sunday, May 1, 2011

Steve Lacy Joelle Léandre - One More Time (Leo Records, 2005)

Nearly 50 minutes of music have been crowded in this CD. In 2002, Steve Lacy gave a bunch of farewell concerts to Europe and came back in the U.S. after 30 years. All gigs were duo performances, with the likes of Japanes dancer Shiro Daimon, Fred Van Hove, Irene Aebi and, finally, on July 28 in Café Belga (Brussels) with Joelle Léandre. As Francesco Martinelli points out in his liner notes, Lacy and Léandre stand as farther apart as possible as musicians, but their paths are parallel. This concert wasn't their firts and last collaboration: Joelle commissioned to Steve "Vetement" (garment), a piece 'you can cut and adapt to season, like a garment', that the bassist played in her recitals along with Cage and Scelsi's compositions; both played with people like George Lewis and Derek Bailey; they talked often together about music, poetry and art; they both loved to play music related to or accompanied with poetry, and inspired to dance or theater; they both were fiercely and devotedly in love with angular and jumping-into-the-void music. This beautiful record show us this couple of musicians playing together for the first time since 15 years, and it's really futile to use words to talk about it. But if you really want to taste the essence of improvising, and the accuracy and deepness of the interplay of two master musicians, this is really a good place to start. 

Line Up: Steve Lacy - Soprano Sax; Joelle Léandre - double bass; Tracklist: 01 - One More Time 1 [32:15]; 02 - One More Time 2 [12:15]; 03 - One More Time 3 [10:10]; 04 - Phone Message [01:00] 

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